Friday, April 25, 2014

Berry Planting

Today we planted some additional small berries. This area has been mulched with 6" of wood chips since last summer, and I planted the berries down in the soil, and then drew the wood chips back around the plants for a mulch.:

South Row: Saskatoon: Martin x4,
Middle Row: Saskatoon: Smoky x4, and Northline x4
North Row: Triple Crown Blackberry x4, Viking Aronia x4, and Goji Berry x1

Earlier we mowed to the ground every other row of our raspberries. They were growing into a solid mat, and the walkway was completely obscured. This will allow these rows to regenerate, and make a healthier early crop. (And it will be much easier to reach them!)

Spring is finally on its way. The trillium wildflowers opened today, and the tree buds are swelling. Glorious time.

Today was also our first microgreen sales day. We had two separate customers purchase some.

Last Sunday we planted 8 rows of Purple Majesty potatoes, 3 rows of Yukon Gold, and 1 row of Red potatoes. It will be fun to see these come up. The potatoes are planted down in the newest plot, so I hope they do as well as in the previous plot. We have some black plastic row cover that will help control weeds. I will wait to put that down till the potatoes are out of the ground, and we have the watering lines in.

How is your garden coming?