Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Winter Freeze Results

Well the results are conclusive: This past winter was so harsh that all of our peach blossom buds froze during a winter cold snap, and we had several this past winter. Not a one blossom this spring from the peaches. We have some temps as low as 20 below, which is very unusual for our area. I think a lot of the nation was affected by the cold winter. We will miss the peaches this year!

We are pleased with the strawberries. They are putting on a profusion of blooms, and the plants seem quite pleased with the warmer weather.

Our 10 day forecast shows no frosts (10 day low predicted at 44), so we may be past the spring frosts for this year. We set out pepper and tomato plants today (May 20).

Our raspberry patch is also a profusion of green. We mowed down every other row with the goal of rejuvenating the old canes and opening the patch up for better sunlight and access.

We planted 10 more grape plants, and have installed their trellis. These are the Jupiter variety, which we have enjoyed for fresh eating. They have a very unique taste. I am watching to keep up with bunch rot and apple scab this year with organic copper sulfate spray during hot, muggy and rainy times of the spring. Hopefully we will have a good grape harvest this year.

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