Upcoming Topics

Following is a list of articles I have been thinking about. I don't have experience with most of these yet, so don't hold your breath, but I do think they are on the horizon! If you have suggestions, I welcome your input.

Record keeping
Crop rotation
Insect pests and control
Cover cropsCrop pests and control measures
Small FruitsStarting plants
Growing cycles / plot efficiency
Winter keeper crops
Fungal diseases and responses
Food preservation and storage

Fruit tree propagation
Tree bud graftingNut trees

Home heating
Gray water
Homestead (living quarters) design

Alternative energy sourcesOff-off grid livingEssential oils
Medicinal herbsFarmers markets
Retail outlet / road side produce stand
Candle making
Wood lot
Ways to interface with others: "Evegelism"
Nursery propagation as a cash crop

Cows / Dairy

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